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HandManager - Online handball manager game

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Sport: Handball
User Rating: 56.32% (285 votes)
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HandManager - Online handball manager game


HandManager is a free online Handball management game.
In this game, you are the manager of a Handball team which participates to the HandManager Championship.

Create your own team, train your players, engage staff, buy equipment, enlarge your stadium ... all is done to permit you to win the championship.


HandManager is free to play, as long as you want. Additional options are available and make the game funiest, but doesn't advantage you.


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2011-03-14 18:26:19 liukas (unregistered) IP: 84.15.*.*
2011-10-04 22:12:23 Meet_10 (unregistered) IP: 84.22.*.*
I LOve Handball
2012-03-02 16:43:13 Plewww (unregistered) IP: 82.233.*.*
Best handball game ! Very good community and fun everyday ! Check out the new design of the website this is old screenshot
2012-03-02 23:43:31 Nihada (unregistered) IP: 216.220.*.*
I see. I hope you let us know what you've discovered, uecabse I'm finding your attempt fascinating. I'd like to see if it evolves into a rock band , or a cooperative, or maybe something new and different.I think one of interesting aspects of this experiment is how you're not explicitly putting everyone in the same company, but you're still going to create teams. In my experience, company cultures have always been less about employer-employee relations, and more about how peers treated each other. In your case, you're not going to have a shared employer, but you are still going to have peers, and you're going to need to negotiate all the usual stuff with them, such as the way you share resources, responsibilities, and benefits.Now, I'm not saying all this so I can be a smartass. I hope you do well, but I have an even bigger hope that what you're doing can be replicated. :-) You can only replicate something if you know what makes it tick, hence the question.
2012-05-13 19:46:41 zilee (unregistered) IP: 89.111.*.*
I think this is a very good game
2013-01-03 16:50:13 bharath (unregistered) IP: 106.206.*.*
it's really awesome bro
2013-03-23 19:58:47 rus (unregistered) IP: 71.56.*.*
2013-07-31 23:46:23 GHAZI (unregistered) IP: 197.7.*.*
2015-01-28 22:08:16 makek (unregistered) IP: 5.39.*.*
Handball is my life!!!

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