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Bush League Baseball - Online baseball manager game

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Sport: Baseball
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Bush League Baseball - Online baseball manager game


Being a successful baseball manager is not easy. You have signed the best players, your training routine is finely tuned, you get your tactics spot on and know how best to play under different conditions. You’ve risen in the divisions and you’re riding high in the Friendlies League.
Will you be top manager? Do you have what it takes to become the next Mike Scioscia? Only time will tell.


Bush League Baseball is a free to play online baseball manager game that gives you full control over a slightly odd team of players.


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2012-03-03 00:32:56 Tobias (unregistered) IP: 109.230.*.*
Gorzelanny was pretty ecetffive as well as versatile. If its choice between Slaten and Gorzelanny I'd go with Gorzelanny. Who else is there? Severino? I don't think his time in the majors was stellar do you? Given his versatility I'd expect they will pick Gorzo over Lannan. With all the lefties someone is going to have to go.If they manage to sign CJ Wilson and as for trading for Matt Kemp. Why BinM? Where would you put him when Harper is ready? And he is close enough where you have to consider it. Its why Werth has been in CF for a lot of this latter part of the season and its likely where he starts off in 2012. Its going to be Morse on one side and a stand-in for Harper on the other side. I don't see the Shark making it with LaRoche at first base Marerro returns to Syracuse as does Bernadina. Its likely they will sign a free agent stand-in for Harper to play right field. The infield is a good kind of mess with Rendon added to the mix. Harrisburg and the Syracuse with Rendon, Norris, Moore, and Harper in the lineup should be interesting. Yeah, if they must they will put Tyler Moore on the 40-man. That's a lock.
2013-02-14 03:43:00 rod (unregistered) IP: 58.179.*.*
game does not make sense-it says sp starting pitcher in lineup but he hardly ever plays.instead game uses bullpit 2 or replacement 1.i do not understand and no communication from developers.


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