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Pennant Chase - Online baseball manager game

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Sport: Baseball
User Rating: 60.16% (96 votes)
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Pennant Chase - Online baseball manager game


Pennant Chase is the home of free baseball simulation leagues, using real-life stats from the history of major league baseball. You can join any number of automated and customized leagues, featuring players from every era of baseball's history. Automated and Keeper leagues provide a quick way to join the action, while creative custom leagues offer unique dynasty experiences. Manage your team, make trades, control your budget, draft prospects, commish a league, watch game replays – all for free. Powerful commissioner tools allow for extreme flexibility in creating and setting up leagues. The wide array of leagues available span from the Deadball Era to modern seasons.


Up to 20 teams absolutely free. Small donation (minimum $2) allows for up to 50 teams.


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2019-11-27 21:19:07 Norm (unregistered) IP: 47.201.*.*
I've tried several baseball games including Strat-o-matic. This one lets you manage with lots of options. It is the best!!
2019-11-27 22:44:21 todorojo (unregistered) IP: 160.7.*.*
Awesome fantasy baseball site that lets you manage players from every generation. Lots of different formats available via auto and custom leagues that let you participate in a wide variety of leagues including all-time favorite teams, leagues from different eras, all-time greats, year-to-year teams or franchise teams, leagues with contracts and those without, etc. It is a baseball fan's dream, allowing you to pit Babe Ruth against Clayton Kershaw, or the '27 Yankees against the 1986 Mets. Warning - it is addictive.
2019-11-27 22:48:44 TexRangersWS14 (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
FREE baseball sim that lets you do anything you want so many great people on this site, and a ton of leagues all with different concepts. You can truly find anything that you would be looking for here
2019-11-28 00:23:57 Llorac (unregistered) IP: 68.45.*.*
Absolutely wonderful site! I've been playing on it for years. The guy who developed it and maintains it is responsive and thoughtful to the whole community. It's my only fantasy baseball site.
2019-11-28 03:08:29 Ulster (unregistered) IP: 70.27.*.*
A great site with dedicated players to help everyone from the novice to expert. Those who love Sabermetrics will fall in love. Ok, maybe not fall in love, but it will become your favourite online sports managing game. One thing I do not understand, is how the owner dies it for free. Highly recommended.
2019-11-30 02:15:01 norm (unregistered) IP: 71.213.*.*
I've played many fantasy baseball games over the years. Pennant Chase is by far the best ever or ever will be and it's free.


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