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Pennant Wars - Online baseball manager game

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Sport: Baseball
User Rating: 60.55% (289 votes)
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Pennant Wars - Online baseball manager game


Like most fans, you've probably dreamt of owning your own baseball team. After years following the sport, you're certain you could run a club better than the so called “experts”. Your sage baseball wisdom would no longer be wasted calling sports talk shows, and arguing with your neighbor about RBIs. You'd know who to draft, who to trade, who to bench, and exactly when to bring that blue chipper up to the bigs. All you need is a chance to prove yourself.

That's where Pennant Wars, created by Inspigo, LLC, can help. Offering realistic baseball simulation and competitive online play, Pennant Wars is your shot at baseball immortality. Charged with guiding your franchise to victory, you must build your dynasty through the draft, trades, and free agent signings. Set your lineups, pitching rotation, team strategy, and design your home stadium. Watch complete 162-game seasons play out over the course of 6 weeks.

Pennant Wars ups the ante on online competition by creating unique game worlds of 96 teams. The teams are broken into 4 divisions, with the goal being to make it to the premier division--division 1. At the end of each season the best teams in divisions 2, 3, and 4 have a chance to climb the ladder up to the next division in a 7 game "ladder series". Meanwhile, the teams that finish with the worst records in their division will have to fight to keep their spot. This ensures a constant stream of hungry owners pushing onward towards Division 1. The end result is the most competitive, fun, and social online baseball experience out there.

Pennant Wars' relentless focus on statistical realism, strategic diversity, competitive balance, community building, and developer interaction sets it apart from other online baseball sims. Head on over to and sign up for your no obligation, free trial season. Additional seasons are competitively priced, and allow the focus of development to be on customer satisfaction.


Your first season is absolutely free.

Purchase additional seasons in bulk to save more:

1 Season Pack (6 weeks) = $7.99
3 Season Pack (4 months) = $17.99
9 Season Pack (1 year) = $35.99


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2014-07-25 20:42:52 Homer_Jay (unregistered) IP: 205.135.*.*
Can't get enough. Phenomenal game, super realistic. Hands-on creator. Great community as well!
2014-07-25 20:47:34 Kattrax (unregistered) IP: 199.96.*.*
Great Game have been playing from going live and it just keeps getting better
2014-07-25 20:55:41 bigpun8519 (unregistered) IP: 131.183.*.*
Love this game! I love the new changes that happen, it only makes this game better! The people that play this game are awesome as well!
2014-07-31 05:46:01 Jim (unregistered) IP: 24.79.*.*
The game desperately needs some type of game viewer to watch the replays. It would be great if the game viewer showed the game live at the time that it was being played so league members could gather to watch the outcomes, too!
2014-08-11 19:38:55 Trevor (unregistered) IP: 64.222.*.*
Everyone should give this game a shot. Definitely breaking new ground as far as baseball sims go. It's on par with (or better than) OOTP in terms of realism, and blows it away in terms of being cloud-based and multiplayer centric. (I think the way it models player ability and progression is actually significantly more realistic and interesting than OOTP.)

To the comment above about it being "expensive", I really can't agree. If you purchase a year of game time it works out to $3 per month. It costs the same per year as OOTP or Mogul, but you're always playing the most up to date version, you can play anywhere (on your phone, etc), and you're playing against real people.
2015-08-30 01:43:38 Dashmandon (unregistered) IP: 69.180.*.*
Game has added so much since this was last updated. We now have PWTV where you get to watch the game play out pitch by pitch. The community is great, and the game keeps being added to. Been on the site for over a year, and I am in 2 leagues.
2015-09-12 20:34:28 reo (unregistered) IP: 107.198.*.*
These screenshots are outdated, the game now boasts a new GUI along with an updated sim engine! Give it a shot, first season is free!
2016-02-20 18:12:50 patrick1066 (unregistered) IP: 173.58.*.*
Great updated UI not shown here. Works just as well on mobile as on computer. Plenty of stats to track/monitor to tweak your strategy. Consistent updates that oftentimes are user/community driven. Plus PW boasts an established, friendly community that is there to answer questions/offer advice as you work your way through the divisions.
2017-01-28 21:27:20 cazzie (unregistered) IP: 184.88.*.*
great game, realistic in every way. Awesome community of folks to help out newbies.
2019-01-30 21:31:37 Lameo (unregistered) IP: 107.77.*.*
Super expensive when you get the same or better for free (find pennantchase or broken bat).
2023-08-13 05:00:48 vickyruth (unregistered) IP: 107.139.*.*
a small group of insiders rule the game and get inside tips and hints directly from the developer. Ongoing updates disrupt continuity of the game -- such as the statistical trends that are needed to manage the team. This game is not for playing a baseball manager sim, it is for hanging out online with the insiders in their man caves. Move on.


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