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08.06.2012 - Online gaming is now one of the biggest and fastest growing industries around with huge numbers enjoying the challenge of taking on different opponents from all over the world. Once a world of single or two player options limited to bedroom and living room spaces, computer games have gone viral and can now be played and enjoyed out in cyber space.
A particularly popular online game gaining large numbers of followers is that of golf, making it possible for golf lovers everywhere to get in a round no matter what the weather. From basic level controls and simple, imaginary courses to the realistic recreations of existing courses and the chance to increase and improve levels of difficulty, there is something for everyone online.

Whilst some of the online golfing games are free, others cost to participate. However, some of the websites that charge provide optional extras that make it worth the fee, from organised competitions to score lists and leader boards. Sophisticated graphics make it feel as if players are really standing on the green taking a shot and well-developed browsers can make it possible to interact with other players,

For those that enjoy golf but are new to online games, a 9-hole option is a good plan. If you want to start off slow and build up to harder challenges, choose a game that offers both amateur and professional levels. This means players can pick and choose how hard the course and course conditions are and can choose when and how to take on the big well-known names.

Where some games offer a simple layout, with tee off, green and putting, others will come packed with interesting obstacles and details that make things tricky. These include bunkers that make the controls sticky and less responsive to fewer borders around the hole making it easier for the ball to roll off and away from the hole as a player takes a shot.

The big online games are easily recognisable with endorsements from major pro golfers. These may require registration, a separate browser and a subscription. The bonuses, however, such as prize draws and software and game play development enhanced by golfing experts, can make it worthwhile.

If you want to put your online golfing skills to the test, there is no better way than to get you and your friends to a golf course and have a real game. With 2 fore 1 golfing you can see who really comes out on top with two rounds for the price of one. Then it`s back to the PC for a bit of putting practice and a chance to take on Tiger Woods!