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News: Top Ten Best Tight Ends

Of All Time

18.02.2022 - Tight ends are so often forgotten in the NFL, we focus so much on the quarterbacks and receivers we often forget the players who have changed more in NFL history, than the aforementioned posts.
An Often Forgotten Source Of Glory.
Tight ends are so often forgotten in the NFL, we focus so much on the quarterbacks and receivers we often forget the players who have changed more in NFL history, than the aforementioned posts.

Once upon a time tight ends were mainly a sixth offensive lineman who would catch a pass here and there, but now, they have become a key cog in the machine of any team's offensive lineup.

In some cases, a team's tight end can be so critical to the passing attacks that so many NFL packages are designed to fit the individual skillets of a tight end.

Anyway, let’s get on to find out who the top ten tight ends of all time are!

Top 10!
There are some truly astounding tight ends out there, some recent. So, who are they?

#1. Tony Gonzalez.
Tony Gonzalez is a tight end who was originally a basketball player. Not an uncommon transition it would seem. He had an amazing career with the Kansas City Chiefs from 1997-2008, and with the Atlanta Falcons from ‘19- ‘13.

He only missed 2 games out of 272, and he was always putting out good numbers.

When he retired he had 15,127 receiving yards, and 1,325 receptions, which is by far the most anyone has had in this position!

#2. Rob Gronkowski.
Gronkowski helped make the Patriots one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. The mix of Gronkowski and Brady was ruthless, and he even went with Brady when he switched to the Buccaneers.

He won 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots and then with the Buccaneers and well.

In ‘11 he became the only tight end to lead the league in touchdown receptions, and the amount of records he has set for a tight end is astonishing! We cannot possibly list them all.

#3. Antonio Gates.
Gates also began his career as a basketball player. However, he ended up in the NFL. He is the embodiment of the basketball-player turned -tight-end that we often see in the NFL.

He is athletic, and elusive on the field, just as much as he was in basketball. He was with the Chargers for the entirety of his career, and has a career high of 955 catches!

#4. Shannon Sharpe.
Shannon Sharpe led a 14 year career, failing to top 600 yards in only three of those 14 years.

He defined the position in the NFL, and was also a 4 time All-Pro, and 8-time Pro Bowler.

He was extremely gifted and an exceptional physical specimen.

However, most of us remember him for being one of the most legendary trash talkers in the game!

#5. Kellen Winslow Sr.
Thinking about the upcoming NFL draft odds we can’t help but wonder if there will be another Kellen Winslow.

Winslow averaged at 61.8 yards per game in his career, he also recorded an amazing 3 years with over 80 catches, 1,000 yards and over 8 touchdowns!

This is incredible for any tight end, even now, let alone when Winslow was playing in the 80s!

#6. Jason Witten.
Witten had a short retirement, then he decided he was bored, and returned to continue filling his list of achievements.

He was old-school, he would block, run routes, catch, and all with precision and verve. He was a very skilled part of the Cowboys offensive line-up for 16 seasons, and he helped them to make 6 playoffs!

#7. Travis Kelce.
Kelce has been with the Chiefs since 2013, and he is a crucial part of the team that accounts for their success.

He is a Super Bowl champion, Pro-Bowlers, and has managed to get more than 1,000 yard receiving seasons than any other tight end.

He also is the current holder of the receiving yards made by a tight end, at 1,416, which he secured in the 2020 season.

#8. John Mackey.
Mackey is known for having been an absolute machine. He wasn’t the best with his hands, but he sure could catch with his body.

Go online and watch him string together seemingly broken tackles. He is by far worth a watch, and his place on this list is well deserved.

#9. Dave Casper.
Casper held a four-year stretch from ‘76 to ‘79, he absolutely dominated his position and was voted into four All-pros. His game was even better as he took pride in being a blocker.

However, he was made for this position, at 250 lbs, you try and tip him over! He was athletic too, all which allowed him to punish tacklers and be a skilled blocker too!

#10. Charlie Sanders.
Sanders was a 3 time All-Pro and in the 70s he was voted to be on the All-Decade team too.

He was one of the first athletes in the position of tight-end to play basketball in college, so he seemed to start the tradition.

He was an athlete of the highest order, he was also elusive. He never had incredible stats like some others do, however, his impact on the sport presented more changed in history than in stats.