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News: What are the best types of online game

for people who enjoy strategic play?

17.01.2022 - Playing games has always been popular around the world and has taken many forms over time. While board games were once popular, online gaming is now the choice for many. This sees people logging on to the internet to find cool games to enjoy and fun titles to try out. As a way to relax and fill in spare time, it is hard to beat.
You will only get the most from online gaming, though, if you find games that appeal to you. This will be different for everyone but many people now enjoy games with strategic play built in. This allows you to engage your brain and use your cunning to win. But what are the best types of online games for strategy lovers to consider?

Online slots
Playing games at online casinos has become something a lot of people like to do now – whether it is for real money or as free play. Slots are perhaps the most popular online casino game and have elements which strategic thinkers will love. If you are not sure what this type of game is, you can learn more about slots here before playing.

But why is this type of internet game so good for strategy lovers? It all comes down to the innovative game design modern slots have and the many bonus features developers pack into them. This includes features like being able to control how many lines you play on, how many coins you play for, and being able to use the published paytable/RTP rates to enhance your chances of winning.

Online sport management games
Anyone who enjoys strategy will get a kick from online sports management titles. These are naturally great fun for sports fans but even as a non-sports nut, you can enjoy the strategic gameplay they offer. The great thing about this type of online title is not only the in-depth gameplay but also the range of sports in this niche. From soccer to football, baseball and basketball, there will be an online sports management game to float your boat

As this review shows, games in this sector really do offer a lot for strategy lovers to get their teeth into. With the chance to control every aspect of your team, dig into stats, decide on player transfers and pit your wits against other real-life coaches in a league format, this type of game is great fun.

Online war games
Most people who enjoy strategy games will love online war titles. As with online sports management and slot games, the sheer choice of themes on offer here is awesome. From strategy games based in the near future (such as Art of War 3) to those based in medieval times (like DomiNations), you can easily find a strategy war game online set in the time period you like best.

Of course, this type of game finds favor with strategy fans for the detailed gameplay, chances to set out battle plans, ability to control troops and the need to outsmart your opponents. When you achieve victory, they can be very satisfying.

Online sci-fi games
One genre of online game that strategic thinkers will love is sci-fi titles. There is a huge range of these to choose from – including Hades’ Star and StarCraft 2. The buzz with this sort of game is not only the need to collect resources, defend your territories and manage intergalactic economies but also discover new galaxies or planets. These games really do involve a lot of deep thinking and offer something a bit different for online gamers who enjoy strategy.

Online classics
When it comes to strategy games online, you just cannot overlook the old classics that we all love. While you might be more familiar playing them as standard board games, online versions of chess, backgammon or draughts are perfect for your strategy fix.

These sorts of games see you test your tactics against real or AI opponents in a bid to win. Classic strategy titles online entail thinking ahead to outmaneuver the other player, and coming up with an effective plan to win. In addition, they also require quick strategic thinking under pressure to react to what your opponent does in response to your moves.

Picking the right game is key for strategy fans
Getting the most from online games is all about choosing those you most prefer. There is no point going for all out action-fests with no real thinking involved if strategy is your thing! The problem can be sifting through the many genres of online game to find those that contain the strategic gameplay you desire. If you are struggling with this, hopefully the tips above should help a little.