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News: Dota 2 International 11


28.12.2021 - Dota 2 International 10 has finally come to an end in the shadow of major disruptions and the Coronavirus pandemic. Team Spirit, the first team, received $18,208,300 prizes. At the same time, a massive amount of $40,018,195 was distributed in the Tournament.
So what awaits us in Dota 2 International 11 2022?

First of all, although not certain, The International 11 Dota 2 Tournament, which will be held next season, will have a $45,000,000 Prize Pool. This means that there will be fierce competition and high-level struggles.

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So, what challenges do teams go through to reach this competitive Dota 2 eSports arena? First of all, dozens of teams from many parts of the world must show themselves in the Dota Pro Circuit league and collect points in order to participate in The International 11. At the same time, Valve allows each team to determine their roster until November 21.

Squads will be locked on November 21, and teams will no longer be able to add new players to their roster. Then, the journey for International 11 will begin by organizing Division 1-2 leagues, where there will be three seasons in total, and finally three Dota 2 major tournaments.

Dota 2 2022 DPC Leagues Schedule
  • Season One: It will be played from November 29 to January 23. However, on December 22, there will be a break for Christmas.
  • In the meantime, the First Major tournament will be held. The probable date is expected to be between 17-27 February.
  • The Second Season will be played between 14 March - 24 April.
  • The Second Major tournament will be held between the 11th and the 21st of May.
  • The third Season will be the scene of fierce competition between June 6 and July 17.
  • The Third Major, the last tournament before the International, will take place from the 4th to the 14th of August. And after this tournament, the teams that will participate in The International 2022 will be determined clearly.

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    How Can Teams Participate in Dota 2 International 2022?

    Whether you are following Dota 2 Tournaments because you are a fan or to do Dota 2 betting, remember that you need to learn some information. We will talk about the Dota TI 11 format step by step in this topic.

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    1. DPC 2022 will feature six regions in total, with a regional league divided into Division 1 and Division 2, each consisting of eight teams. Each league will last for six weeks, and at the end of the league, the last two teams in the 1st division fall into Division 2. Then, the top 2 teams in Division 2 qualify for promotion to the next league. Finally, the last two teams in Division 2 are replaced by the winners of the open qualifiers from the regional leagues.

    2. A total of 96 teams will compete in these 6 Leagues. And 12 teams with the best points in this league can directly participate in the Internationale. Afterward, eliminations are made for the remaining six teams, and an International Championship with a total of 18 teams will emerge, with the six teams winning these eliminations.

    3. With the end of the qualifiers, the group stage begins. Generally, if the rules have not changed, 18 teams are split into two groups, A and B. However, for Dota 2 International, the struggle to reach the top group begins at full speed.

    4. Teams face off against teams in their own group. One team in the last place in the group stage, according to their wins, is eliminated and bids farewell to the tournament. The remaining 16 teams move on to another stage of the tournament.

    5. In the subsequent double-elimination round, the sixteen teams are again divided into two groups and start the fight. From here, four teams from each group, that is, eight teams in total, advance to the next qualifying round.

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    6. The remaining eight teams each move to the lower tier. The excitement at this lower level is much higher. Because the teams that do not win their first match are eliminated directly from here. The lower tier teams start a three-game elimination round series with eight teams moving up to the upper tier. So the team that wins two games wins the round.

    7. The Dota 2 The International grand final is between the winner of the upper bracket and the winner of the lower bracket. It has a lot of similarities with traditional sports. The final is played as a series of five matches. The team that manages to win three matches is selected as the champion of Dota 2 that year and gets its share of the $45 million prize pool.

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    We talked in detail about Dota 2 International 11, one of the most critical events in the eSport world. Valve plans to launch this tournament in mid-August. However, no official statement has been made by Valve yet.

    However, the DPC season continues at full speed in 6 regions of the World. Especially if you like to bet on Dota 2, International 11 and DPC season can be very enjoyable for you. Furthermore, make sure you choose an esports bookmaker that is licensed and follows regulation.

    If you want to receive more updated news about Dota 2, please continue to follow us often.