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News: Which are the sports

that ex online casino players decide to wager on?

02.09.2021 - People who have iGaming experience probably remember that online casinos became the go-to betting platforms a couple of years ago. Many people continue to use them even today, but it seems like most gamblers became more interested in online bookies.

Unlike the casinos, most sports betting websites are similar. They provide similar features, promotions, and sports. Speaking of the devil, let’s take a look at some of the sports that ex casino players usually punt on.

Ice Hockey
The first sport that many people decide to put to the test is Ice Hockey. Everyone who opens Betenemy and realizes that this recommended site for casino and bookie reviews allows gamblers to choose the best operator will see that the sportsbooks give their clients the chance to punt on Ice Hockey.

This is a sport that is popular in several countries, especially in the U.S. In fact, most bookmakers that have ice hockey as an option only allow their customers to wager on the NHL. Besides the odds, ice hockey is one of the options that will let you take advantage of Cash Out and Live Streaming. These two are often considered to be among the most helpful betting features.

Another thing that many ex casino players decide to bet on is eSports. Similar to online casinos, computer and mobile games became way more popular in the last couple of years, which inevitably had an effect on the betting industry. Nowadays, even online bookmakers with no previous experience in the industry include the biggest eSports titles in the world, such as Dota 2, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and more.

People who like eSports should try to bet on popular leagues and competitions because match-fixing is a major problem. Even though the odds and markets might be attractive, make sure to learn more about the specific tournament before wagering with real money.

This is the preferred betting option for most U.S. bettors, mainly because of the NBA. Needless to say, every bookie and casino website from Betenemy that also has a sportsbook will give you the opportunity to bet on basketball. Whether you choose the NBA or some of the other top leagues, try to check if there are any special live markets.

Like tennis, basketball is one of the sports that can provide you with loads of betting opportunities if you punt on live matches. That’s why some bookmakers even have special live-betting basketball offers.

Although the last sport on our list is not as big as the other ones in the iGaming industry, snooker is often a preferred option for ex casino players due to its complexity. People with more experience are well aware that players such as Ronnie O’Sullivan have to be really creative while competing at the highest level. This makes snooker incredibly fun to watch, which automatically makes it a popular betting option.