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News: The Most Successful Managers

in Ligue 1 History

08.02.2021 - The Ligue 1 has been dubbed as the ‘farmers’ league” all because of its lack of competition and dismal teams performances. The league had a very low fan following, as it stands right now the French league is now taking a massive stride to offer the world a beautiful game.
Even though the league is known to be a farmer’s league, it has produced some great and successful managers. One of the good examples is Thomas Tuchel; he brought some serious pedigree with a high level of consistency. According to a sports blog by crazyvegas casino en ligne, he has won some great titles before joining the West London side Chelsea.

Well, even though Tuchel might have captured a lot of attention there are also some good managers who have been successful in the Ligue 1.

Gerard Houllier - 3 Ligue 1 titles
Even though five different managers have put their hands on the Ligue 1 title three times, it is good to mention that Houllier’s is amongst the list. The only difference is that Gerard Houllier has won the title with two different clubs, that’s exceptional!

Gerard did not stop to execute the greatness in him; rather he went to Liverpool and won a treble. He will always go down as one of the best and successful managers in Ligue 1.

Laurent Blanc - 4 Ligue 1 titles
According to, Blanc is amongst the most successful gaffers in the Ligue 1 and the best PSG managers. He has won an astounding 11 of 12 domestic titles with PSG. However, he failed to clinch the Champions League title for his French side. The gaffer carried a massive record of 96 points in the Ligue 1 on a season tally. It is quite a record that is still meant to be broken. Now that there is much competition, we are likely to see more points coming.