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The African Way of Business

12.12.2020 - Africa is no different to the other world in terms of sports passion and competitiveness. Young children are dreaming big about their future. Especially those from poor families have great motivation to improve seeing this opportunity to become successful and improve the quality of life of their families.
One of the great examples are Kenyan, Ethiopian and Eritrean long distance runners. I spent a few days in Addis Abeba and you would not believe how many people from the smallest kids to young adults I saw training hard at Meskel Square. Early in the morning until the weather became too hot and then in the afternoon. Really interesting.

Don`t forget about soccer in Africa. It is extremely popular and famous Africa Cup of Nations is the biggest proof. Many African countries have their players in the best european leagues and then they always send few quality teams to the World Cup. I believe you remember Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal or Cameroon achieving big results at the biggest stage.

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But back to the topic. Did you know that African runners, even those second tier ones, form runners groups managed by professional managers? They train together, live together and then they participate every weekend in running competitions like city marathons and so on. Getting paid for participation, for results and in ideal cases also for breaking track records.Good managers can get the deal with organizers that no other quality runners than those from his own squad will participate in the event. All the reward is then splitted among his guys and himself.

Talking about soccer, there are many agents wandering around african cities looking for talents. They sign them at a very young age, help them with apparel and training to fulfil their potential and then sell them to soccer clubs around the world. There are players like this even in low league divisions earning much more money they would back home in Africa. Of course there are some very famous examples like Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah or Naby Keïta playing for famous FC Liverpool who won the UEFA Champions League just a season ago.

So this is how the sport management works in Africa - Earn money thanks to talent of those who see a better future in sports.