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Game Article: Club Manager 2019

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11.06.2019 - Of the football management games found all over the internet, how many do you reckon have up-to-date content? Quite frankly, not that many! Many a time and oft, the football manager games available online have fallen under the stinging criticism of being either too unbalanced or too difficult to master…or both.
This is the cardinal reason that persuaded GamoVation to come up with the idea of having a football manager game. Now GamoVation isn’t just any other video game company, it’s an adept and widely accomplished mobile and web game developer based in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Having launched a number of successful games such as FISHAO and MafiaBattle, amassing a player fan base of over 12 million unique registered users and counting, it seemed fitting for the company to develop a football manager game; one that goes by the name Club Manager 2019.

What exactly is Club Manager?
Club Manager 2019 is an online soccer manager game available on your browser on PC. It is relatively simply to sign up for the game, as you can register directly by connecting with your Facebook profile, or opting for the email/manager name option.
Once you sign up, you will be accorded with a modest team; one which you should manage and transform into the best football team in the world!
Your team in this case will be in Division 12, and the challenge will be to meritoriously reach the highest echelon (Division 1) and secure both League and Cup competitions in the process.

In doing so, you will not only have solidified your team’s place in history, but also have embedded yourself as the best football manager there is!

A game revolving around cards
Silverware may be deemed as the currency of success in football, much like in every sport, but it’s the cards that form the printing plates in Club Manager.
The game is primarily based on cards, and it’s upon you to open several card packs in order to better your chances of acquiring various players, upgrades and items for you club.

Cards available on Club Manager can be classified as either permanent or consumable cards. Permanent cards include Player cards, Manager cards and Emblem cards while consumable cards include Training cards, Training Camp cards, Stamina Recovery cards, Injury Treatment cards, Upgrade cards and many more.

Quintessence details about the cards
The cards are further classified into six rarity categories; with the 1-star card having the tag of being the most common while the 6-star card is the most legendary in the game.

Various colorations are also used to depict the rarity category of the Player card which is one of the most common cards in the game. For instance, a card with 1-star will have a prominent white shade indicating the overall rating of the player while the revered 6-star card will have a diamond blue shade, equally showing the overall rating of the player.

For the Manager cards, one with a single star means the manager has Capabilities of not more than 700 while the perfect 6-star Manager card ranges anywhere from 980 and above.

Do you recall how we mentioned that players have an overall rating? Well the Capabilities of a manager, in laconic terms, is the strength of the manager in comparison to the combined rating of all the players in the starting eleven.

A team works best when the Capabilities of the manager are higher than the combined rating of the players in the first eleven.
Training cards are equally classified from one star to six stars. A Training card with a single star has an Effectivity of 1, while a 6-star Training card has an Effectivity of 20. This virtually means that when used to train a player, the 6-star Training card will be 20 times as effective as the 1-star Training card.

Team Chemistry
Team Chemistry unequivocally forms an integral part of management in the game. It ranges from 1 to 99, and is an indication of how well the manager is working with the players currently in the starting eleven.

When the Team Chemistry is 99, then it means that the players are not only working in tandem with the manager, but are also working in the best possible way with their manager.

While playing the game, you are bound to realize that the Team Chemistry will decrease. This could arise due to a number of reasons such as the introduction of a new manager or player into the starting team.

Just like in real football, a new manager or player will need time to adapt to the new environment just as much as he needs to ingratiate himself with his new players or teammates. And given that individual players also have their own Team Chemistry, their introduction is bound to affect the overall chemistry of the team.
Team Chemistry is also affected when a manager doesn’t have enough Capabilities. It will inevitably decrease if the players in your starting eleven have more quality than the Capabilities of your manager.

So if you strengthen your team so much that the combined rating your players surpasses the Capabilities of the manager, then you would do best to acquire a better manager.

Free Manager Cash after every match
There are two in-game currencies available in Club Manager, namely Manager Cash and Manager Coins. Upon signing up, you will be given some Manager Cash and Manager Coins to kick start your managerial career.

Along with it is a kick-off card pack meant to get you going. This card pack, given during the tutorial, can be opened up to 10 times, although you’ll need to wait for 24 hours before opening your next one.

Matches come in the form of Division matches, Competition matches and Exhibition matches; all of which can be played on a daily basis.

An alluring part of Club Manager is that you’ll be awarded with free Manager Cash at the end of every match, regardless of whether you win, draw or lose the encounter. The catch nonetheless is that the amount received with will vary with the outcome registered, as a win would generally attract more Manager Cash than a defeat.

Amazing weekly events
The in-game currencies will indubitably play a pivotal role in advancing your team’s hopes of being the best in the world, as they can be used to acquire various card packs. The Volume pack and the Performance pack are some of the most common packs permanently found in the card pack store; whereas the Superstar pack and the Club Manager Royal pack are the crème of the crop.

Other than the card packs always available at the card pack store, the game also hosts special weekly events which always presents you will the chance of acquiring amazing items and upgrades for your club.

Recently hosted events with temporary packs include the Young Star pack, Manager’s pack, Goalkeeper’s pack and the Legendary card pack events.
Discounts on training, expanding card slots, Exhibition and Division matches are also periodically offered during the weekly events.

Upgrade your team
From Santiago Bernabeu to Old Trafford, from Camp Nou to the San Siro, some of the biggest and most famous football clubs in the world are known for their stadiums, just as much as they are known for the superstar players who adorn their jerseys.

In order to transform your team into a football powerhouse, you will need to have a fortress of a stadium. Upgrading the level of your stadium will not only create a thrilling and intimidating atmosphere due to the increased number of fans attending your games, but it will also increase the amount of Manager Cash collected from the home games.

Another facelift that will help elevate the status of your club is upgrading the gym and improving on the level of the pitch. An ultramodern gym will help improve key areas of your players’ stats while a flawless turf will lessen the chances of indispensable members of your squad sustaining injuries.

You call all the shots!
For football managers, few things can match the disheartening feeling of identifying key transfer targets, only for the decision to be overturned by the board.
In Club Manager, you will be in sole control of every aspect of the club; from identifying positions in your squad that need reinforcement, to managing all the finances.
The most exciting part however is the liberty to choose lineups and tactics. Some managers prefer throwing caution to the wind with a full core attacking style of play, while others embrace caution over flamboyance.

Whichever the case, as manager you will have the full freedom employ your managerial nous by choosing your lineups, tactics and formations; all of which best personify your character as the ultimate decision maker.

Whenever a manager joins a new club, the first thing they do is identify the strength of each individual player before contemplating about transfers. As you go about your managerial activities, you will realize that there are certain players in your squad who simply can't get a look in.

In such a case where a revamp of the squad is needed, you can send your scout out to look for players of your preferred position; thoroughbreds who will not only pledge their undying fealty but also have enough quality to help inveigle your way to the title.

Quite simple to master
For all the intricate and nitty-gritty details mentioned, Club Manager is actually very easy to master.
The limited loading times will guarantee of a flawless gaming experience, while the easily accessible user interface enables you to understand how to play the game within the shortest time possible.

Even better is that it has an instant in-game chat feature that will help you to communicate with friends and other players.

Mobile versions
Having begun the soft launch on 15 January this year, Club Manager 2019 is currently available on desktop only via desktop or browser. Be that as it may, the iOS and Android versions are currently being developed, and are on course to be released this year.

Once launched worldwide, Club Manager 2019 has every chance of becoming the best online soccer manager game on the planet!