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News: How Online Sports Betting Became an Integral Part

of Many Online Casinos

17.12.2018 - Betting on sports has been a favourite pastime of many Europeans for a long time. In the past ten years or so, other continents started introducing this type of entertainment, allowing punters from all over the world to test their luck and knowledge by placing bets on their preferred teams. Let's take a look at a brief history of sports betting and how it has become a popular global phenomenon taking place in the best online casinos.
The Beginning of Sports Betting
Betting on sports is not new. It is as old as sports. Historians find it hard to point out a single period in history when this type of pastime came to be. Even Ancient Romans used to bet on gladiator fights and chariot races. As the popularity of sports grew through time, so did the popularity of betting. The problem was that betting was not always allowed, but it managed to find a way most of the time.
The real bump in popularity happened in 19th century England when betting on horse races became common. Soon, countries from the New World copied this and started their bookmaker businesses on horse races.
The 20th century brought us football, and all hell broke loose. Big sportsbooks emerged and started adopting dozens of sports and allowing the punters to place bets on them.

Online Sportsbooks and Casinos
The second betting revolution happened with the appearance of the Internet. When the first online sportsbooks appeared, players were able to place bets on just a couple of sports. Nowadays, people are in love with this type of activity.
Even online casinos started offering sports betting and adjusted casino games to make them more appealing to sportsbetting lovers. For example, some of the best online casinos that you can find at offer sports-related slots such as Football: Champions Cup, Bicicleta, Frankie Dettori’s, and more.
Online platforms had one huge advantage – they always stayed in touch with the newest technologies. Nowadays, punters who decide to test their luck on the Internet have an opportunity to place all sorts of bets, and in-play (live) betting is definitely one of the most popular options. Punters who bet on live sports can bet on matches and games as they are unfolding. For example, you can place a bet on who you think will be the winner of the next game in tennis, or who will score the next goal in football.

To sum up, sports betting has come a long way, and it is available all over the web. Combined with the newest technology, it allows us to become active participants in various sports events, and we can even get rewarded for it. If you are not familiar with how online sports betting works, you are missing a lot as it has become one of the most popular online activities for sports lovers, next to fantasy sports. Even if you are not that into sports, you should check out these platforms as they allow you to place bets on various other things such as entertainment, politics, esports, and more.