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21.09.2016 - While it is true that most people play sports manager games for fun and competition, what if you were told that the skillset you develop playing sports manager games gives you an excellent chance of turning a very solid profit with a little extra work.
If you are a fan of sports, competition and excitement and have already developed the skills of tracking statistics and recognizing trends that the sports manager games tend to help you develop, you are probably well on your way to becoming very successful at sports betting or even more so at daily fantasy sports, a continually growing branch of online “gambling”.

Manager Skills In Daily Fantasy Sports
Daily fantasy sports is actually all about the exact skillset that you develop by playing sports manager games online. Picking just the right players for the match and calculating risks of any decision you make is what makes a good sports manager and also what makes a great DFS player.
In fact, if you are someone who plays a ton of sports manager games, you are likely to be so well acquainted with the various sports leagues around the world that your knowledge of the teams, players and managers alone should be enough to give you a significant edge over the average players field at the DFS sites.

Manager Skills For Sports Betting
One thing that was obvious even before DFS became popular is that a good sports manager player is likely to thrive in the world of online sports betting. We all know that sports betting is all about being able to assess the odds of a match ending up a certain way better than the bookie, and there are few people out there who can assess those odds better than those who play sports manager games.
If you have become a master of one sport by playing the manager games online, don’t be shy about using that knowledge to make money off the bookies. After all, why would you keep your skills only in the sphere of fun, when you could be turning a tidy profit from it?

Can It Help With Other Gambling?
Sports manager games teach you how to calculate risk and understand probability better than most other types of games you could be playing. This means that a successful sports manager player will likely do as good as anyone in any type of gambling they try.
If you are not too risk averse and you know you have the right skills, you could visit authority portals the likes of to find the best bookies and even online casinos where you can use your skills and turn them into a powerful stream of pure cash.