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Whats The Latest Addiction?

08.08.2015 - What are the most popular games to play online? The days of playing Angry Bird, Final Fantasy, and Madden Football are not nearly as possible as they once were. No kids and adults of all ages are inundated with RPG games. Yes role playing games are the new future as well as 1st person shooters.
Doom was the very first game to really break the mold and make a name for itself with their 1st person shooting game. From there gaming really broke out and once Microsoft Xbox hit store shelves and launched Halo that was an ultimate game changer. Today there are other activities that those addicted to video games mold into. These range from stock trading, programming, addiction to facebook, addiction to watch college football, professional football, UFC, betting, and many children in the future will develop an addiction to playing games on their iPads, tablets, and smart phones something that is more readily available and with the ability to download games right to your device the console wars is certainly near the end.

What does the future hold for Gamestop? The developers on the software side will be fine but the retailers and the hardware side may be in trouble. Perhaps Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft may soon follow in Segas footsteps.