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News: Cycling Game of the Year 2014

Velo Manager

11.03.2015 - Cycling is the first sport for our annual Game of the Year awards. This is the 2014 edition! There is no surprise to see Velo Manager on top after they got this title also last year. Second placed game was on the same position last year too but we have switch on third and fourth.
Velo Manager is the best game again and by pretty big margin. This superb game is best in both key categories - game rating and popularity.
Second placed Cycling For Fun is highly rated cycling game, it is rated little better than Velo Manager. The key difference is in popularity and low amount of votes which makes the rating less valuable. But we believe if creators of this game can improve this a bit they can go to very high next year.
Third place is occumied by Cycling Simulator game which got to the last podium place by just a tiny advantage above cycling4freaks game who took this place in previous year.

So here are the best online cycling manager games of the year 2014:

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: