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News: Cycling Game of the Year 2013

Velo Manager

28.01.2014 - Let the party started! Yes here we are with the Games of the Year 2013 Awards. During the next few weeks we will announce the best online sport management games. Today we will start with Cycling games. Congratulations to the Winner!!!
Velo Manager is thebest game by far. it is mostly because they got the second place 2 years ago and improved to number 1 spot last year. And they repeated this year again. The difference between Velo Managers and second placed Cycling For Fun is not so big, but thanks to the popularity of the game the crowd goes to the right direction.

Second placed Cycling For Fun is highly rated cycling game, but there were something missing. But their push up the ranks is obvious and it can be very interesting to see how it will change next season.

Third place is occumied by cycling4freaks game.

So here are the best online cycling manager games of the year 2013:

1. Velo Manager
2. Cycling For Fun
3. cycling4freaks