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News: Motorsport Game of the Year 2012

My Racing Career

09.04.2013 - This is motorsport edition of best games of the year 2012 contest. And we have repeating winner here. It is our partner game and recommended game by us. And we have kind of surprise winner here. Congratulations!!!
My Racing Career was in beta version last year and got the win anyway. This time, the game is in full throttle and got the reward again. But this time it was pretty close race with Grand Prix Online, where My Racing Career got the edge mostly due to better popularity at our site.

There were a big fight for 3rd place. This fight consisted of 3 games and it was iMoto game who got the final spot on our provisional podium.

Well done and congratulations to all the creators but mostly to creators of My Racing Career.

So here are the best online motorsport manager games of the year 2012:

1. My Racing Career
2. Grand Prix Racing Online
3. IMoto

Next time we have soccer game of the year to be announced!