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Fantasy Basebrawl - Online baseball manager game

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Sport: Baseball
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Fantasy Basebrawl - Online baseball manager game


Fantasy Basebrawl is a Baseball Management game with a twist - It uses traditional fantasy races such as Orc, Elves and Humans as they clash in real-time games. Draft teams in real time. Compete in real time. Setup management strategies and compete across epic seasons with intelligent AI opponents or your friends(and foes!). Multi-Leagues are supported for a single player and managing multiple teams across both public and private leagues is encouraged! Create your own leagues and invite your friends! Nearly 10,000 custom logos to collect and utilize for your team or salvage for scrap. Classes and Races synergize completing literally unlimited potentials in season drafts. Create a team that can mesh matching race, alignment and laws as much as you can while respecting blood lines and patron choices but beware - Other players are drafting against the same POOL on draft day! Setup your draft preferences ahead of time or stick around in real time as your team is up to pick! For the first time in Red Shade Games history - there is a fully automated Playoff system. If that's not fantasy enough for you, each team receives its own personal adventure-mode to explore during the course of a season with powerful artifacts to unlock and enhance your team. Brawls take place on the bases and allow some bending of the rules from time to time.


Free to play. There is paid incentives such as buying races or creating private leagues but there is no paid advantages for actual gameplay.


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2016-12-18 21:18:37 trx1987 (unregistered) IP: 108.61.*.*
Nothing is really wrong with the game from an execution standpoint. But I’m not sure the mashup of baseball with World of Warcraft really works. Players are from various races (elves, gnomes half-orcs etc.) and have warcraft like classes (archer, priest etc.) which don’t really relate directly to baseball. If you’re really into fantasy, maybe you like this game. Kind of wish they had ditched the whole warcraft thing and just tried to implement a good baseball game. The realism is lacking and the game engine doesn’t really produce convincing baseball paly & results. Better games exist.


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