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Virtual Dog Racing - Online dogracing manager game

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Virtual Dog Racing - Online dogracing manager game


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a greyhound owner or trainer? Now you can experience the thrill, excitement and glory for yourself, in the most realistic greyhound racing game ever created. is the ultimate online greyhound racing game. Flat, Hurdle and Handicap racing from twenty-six of Britain’s best loved dog tracks, every track featuring their own unique real-life distances.
Virtual greyhounds behave exactly like their real-life counterparts, initially a real conundrum, sometimes slightly quirky and unpredictable but far more reliable and consistent when you have successfully unravelled their own individual preferences. A greyhounds weight, height, pace, racing line, speed, stamina and energy are all factors in the game and a greyhound may prefer racing at a particular track or distance.
You begin the game as a new greyhound owner/trainer based at one of the twenty-six tracks, with just one young and immature greyhound in your kennel. Initially graded at the lowest level, your greyhound will rapidly improve if trained well and could become a champion Open Class competitor. Open class greyhounds are eligible to participate in races from any of the twenty-six tracks and frequently win high real cash prizes!




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2012-08-25 10:28:32 Olivier (unregistered) IP: 178.77.*.*
Now I'm the one with tears in my eyes. Brody stories alyaws align so well with Coombsy stories Our kids are truly connected. Except for the roo part. I can't get Coombs to roo to save my life. As a matter of fact, she doesn't like ANY dog-ish noise whining, barking hates it. She cries. I have a weird greyhound. Patiently awaiting your letting us know whether Brody sang.
2014-12-18 12:38:18 Josy (unregistered) IP: 183.228.*.*
My sister spent many mohnts in the US and I remember her blasting Greyhound services quite vividly. Said it is the worst bus company in the world ever. You're right to go with Megabus.
2016-02-08 21:44:40 Fidelia (unregistered) IP: 221.178.*.*
Just do me a favor and keep writing such trnhenact analyses, OK?


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