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Best11 - Online soccer manager game

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Sport: Football (Soccer)
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Best11 - Online soccer manager game

Description is a new free online football manager, easy to understand and without requiring too much time to play. However, the game offers plenty of things to challenge you every day. Your short term decisions as well as a wise long term strategy will in the end make the difference. Are you up to the challenge? :)

A few things to know about this game:
- A season lasts 42 days and starts always on a Monday.
- League games are played daily, from Monday to Friday. Future competitions (e.g. national or international cups will be played on Saturday and/or Sunday).
- Official starting time for all games is 18:00 server time (17:00 CET). The games are actually simulated around 15 min before so make sure you set your tactics before that.
- Player`s attributes have values between 10 and 99 and each day can be increased with 0,5 (by training).

Regarding the scheduled updates:
- Players Energy regenerates with 2% every hour (except during game time).
- Injuries update is done daily at 19:46 server time (18:46 CET), basically after the matches are finished.
- Players value and salary are also updated daily at 24:00 server time (23:00 CET).
- Players morale is updated daily at 7:00 server time (6:00 CET).
- The update for transferred players is done every half hour.
- Sunday at 24:00 server time (23:00 CET) the following updates are running: players` salaries are paid, contribution for medical department is paid, stadium maintenance is paid, supporters joining or leaving the club, weekly weather forecast.
- At the end of each season (Saturday night) end of season updates are running: promotion/relegation, prizes for the final position in the classification, players age, new season draw, etc.


Free to play.


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2017-02-20 12:18:17 ademireis (unregistered) IP: 177.41.*.*
como fa├žo para alterar a senha e entrar no jogo. esqueci a senha.

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